The World Percussion Group

Assembling the world’s elite

Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)
  • How many members of the World Percussion Group will be selected?
    Typically there will be 12-15 members of the WPG selected for the tour. The number of soloists, ensemble players and chamber groups is 100% flexible at this point and is entirely dependent on audition results.

  • I am from outside the USA and Europe. Does this mean I can still apply for WPG?
    YES! WPG 2023 will be a virtual experience so there are no travel implications associated with this year's tour. Activities will be in UTC and thus please do consult the schedule to see if the timings are convenient.

  • If I am selected for the WPG, when do I have to pay my course and tour fee and how much is it?
    Course fees for WPG 2023 are due in full on Monday 10th April 2023. The fee to participate this year is $975 all inclusive. If you wish to setup a payment plan please do contact us.
  • What materials do I need to provide for the audition?
    You can choose to do a free-choice application and submit some solos or ensembles of your choice. Any instrument goes although try and show some diversification of your skills...Alternatively, you are welcome to select some excerpts from our audition pack. These are provided with accompanying backing tracks and video tutorials to help you prepare thoroughly. 

  • How long will the 2023 Tour last?
    The tour dates are currently Saturday 1st July 2023 to Friday 14th July 2023. There are some preparation sessions on Saturday's (April through June), so do check the schedule for further details.  Due to the nature of this V-Tour you may be required to prepare and record some materials before the actual tour starts. These can be done through the Spring months. 

  • Are there any benefits to those unsuccessful in the application process?
    Absolutely! We are keen to make this a valuable experience for all applicants and will record all WPG artist classes and performances. All applicants will have access to these videos. In addition all applicants will receive feedback given by the Artistic Director. You can also access all media collected from WPG 2016, 2017 and 2019! (four tours worth and an estimated 45 hours footage in HD!).

  • Am I able to apply as both a soloist and ensemble player?
    Yes. It is possible to apply online for both positions. There will be a discount on the total fee payable for multiple applications. Due to the nature of this tour there will be slightly more emphasis on solo performances so be ready to be called upon!
  • Can I partake in WPG 2023 Virtual Tour alongside my current studies?
    Usually this is not an option however, if you are enrolled on a course which is relatively flexible and can agree with the school to allow you to partake in a reasonable amount of sessions then yes, you can apply. We advise a minimum 80% attendance to WPG 2023 if possible.
  • What platform will we use for the WPG Virtual Tour
    All activities will be through Restream. Certain events, clinics and performances will either be live-streamed or pre-recorded and broadcast across our social platforms. 
  • Does joining the WPG V-Tour prevent me from applying for future WPG tours?
    No there are no restrictions on how many times an applicant can participate in a WPG Tour.