The World Percussion Group

Assembling the world’s elite

Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)

Code of Conduct

The primary objectives of the World Percussion Group are rooted in the desire to provide an opportunity for aspirant young percussionists to advance their careers through exposure to ‘real life’, professional performance settings. The successful fulfilment of these aims relate to the group’s ability to present themselves, both musically and personally, as a professional ensemble. The code of conduct outlined here ensures that members behave in a suitable way as to promote the WPG in a consistently positive manner.

World Percussion Group members agree to:

1.1 Prepare for rehearsals, clinics and performances in a professional manner befitting of the high standards expected from host institutions.

1.2 Attend all sessions punctually and with all necessary resources in hand.

1.3 Help equally with any logistical duties that may arise, e.g. moving of instruments & stage setups.

1.4 Interact with each other in a positive manner, avoiding the use of aggressive or abusive language; employing a mature approach to conflict resolution.

1.5 When interacting with representatives from host institutions, WPG members should always speak positively of the ensemble and interact in a manner appropriate to the particular context of the setting.

1.6 Avoid excessive use of alcohol. Alcohol consumption is not permitted by any members before any professional engagement. No member will consume illegal substances at any point on the tour.

1.7 Abide respectfully to any local laws, customs or procedures. Members must be particularly respectful within host institutions or, if occurring, within private residencies of associated figures.

1.8 Attempt to maintain a positive, enthusiastic outlook. At times, touring is a gruelling experience with potential for prolonged periods of travel and tiredness. The WPG, as organisers, endeavour to create an exciting, well structured and stimulating series of challenges for the touring party but we would seek to encourage a positive response to inevitable times of hardship.

Failure to comply with the terms detailed within this code of conduct may result in expulsion from the World Percussion Group without refund of any prior fees paid by ensemble members or soloists.