The World Percussion Group

Assembling the world’s elite

Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions:

1.1 The World Percussion Group Tour will take place between November 18th 2024 and December 7th 2024 . All applicants must be available between these times. If you are still in education, please be sure to check with your school or employer as to whether this will be possible.

1.2 The official language of the WPG is English. All participants must be able to speak a relatively high level of English to enable the successful delivery of clinic presentations and effectively conduct themselves during rehearsals.

1.3 The WPG application process is open to percussionists of all nationalities who are between the ages of 18-35 at the time of application (Composers/Arrangers is open age). * Please check if you are eligible to travel within the European Union and the UK.


2.1 Auditions are now FREE!

2.2 All applicants must provide the following:

(a) a brief resume describing education, performing experience and achievements.

(b) high resolution photo (copyright free).

(c) upload video audition (Solo Audition 10-15 minutes maximum on Marimba / Vibraphone / Snare Drum / Drum Kit / Timpani / Ethnic). Soloists may choose as many or as little instruments as they like. (Ensemble Audition - Set OR  free Material).

2.3 32 finalists will be selected for online interview.

2.4 Ensemble applicants who are successful must pay a non-refundable course fee and portion of expenses totaling £3500 by Friday 2nd August 2024. This can be done on the website www.worldpercussiongroup.com. Please note that those on scholarships (principals or soloists will not need to pay this fee if agreed by the Artistic Director). The Committee reserve right to change scholarship distribution at any time. Artists will be liable for all bank charges. Additional Scholarship places may be used to offset the £3500 fee.

2.5 WPG reserves the right to withdraw its invitation to join the WPG and alter any elements of the terms and conditions.

2.6 WPG reserves the right to replace artists for any reason (for example, illness, unprofessional behaviour).

WPG Conditions:

2.7 All tour materials will be available for download. (Available now). 

2.8 All selected artists give permission for WPG to use their promotional material, recorded footage of clinics and concerts for the promotion and benefit of WPG, PAS (Percussive Arts Society), WPG unsuccessful applicants and tour sponsors.

2.9 All WPG members, soloists and principals will receive a daily food per diem (excluding cruise days where food is included) and will be accommodated in a hotel, cruise ship or guest house booked by WPG. WPG are not liable to cover any costs above this daily food allocation. Hotel and guest house accommodation is non-negotiable and is at the full discretion of WPG.

3.0 All WPG members, soloists and principals are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the UK. If you are a resident of the UK you will also need to cover any expenses incurred to attend the training camp.

3.1 All WPG members, soloists and principals are responsible for arranging their own travel insurance with cruise cover and travel eligibility documentation valid for travel around the European Union and the United Kingdom for the relevant dates. Refunds cannot be given if entry into the UK or Europe is refused for any reason.

3.2 WPG reserves the right to assign WPG members at their discretion.

3.3 Modes of transport around the EU / UK will be arranged by WPG. These forms of transport are non-negotiable.

3.4 WPG members will be selected by Artistic Director Tim Palmer. This decision is final.

3.5 Successful applicants will be expected to demonstrate a high level of professionalism when touring as part of the WPG. A ‘World Percussion Group’ code of conduct is published on our website. Non-adherence to these standards can result in termination of a member’s activity. Any fees paid by this member will not be refunded.

3.6 Precise dates and schedules are subject to change.

3.7 All applicants must have a valid passport for the duration of the tour (We strongly advise at least 6 months left on your passport).

3.8 WPG members will be working with heavy instruments and equipment. Touring may expose all members to risk of physical and / or emotional injury. WPG may not be found responsible for claims arising to personal injury, property damage, distress or physical injury.

3.9 If members apply for both solo and ensemble positions and are successful in both, the artist can choose which position that they wish to take. It is not possible to accept multiple roles within the ensemble.

4.0 Should the selected artists be endorsed by any companies, it is not a guarantee that those instruments will be available on the tour. Instrumentation is provided by each university and all WPG members and soloists will be required to use this equipment.

4.1 WPG will not be held liable for any damages to equipment or facilities during the tour. Any damage to the instruments are the sole responsiblity of the Artists. Charges to Artists may be incurred to repair or replace damaged items. 

4.2 WPG will ask all selected artists to sign a final terms and conditions declaration. WPG also reserves the right to change the above clauses up until this point.

4.3 WPG will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items for the duration of the tour. It is the sole responsibility of the Artists. 

4.4 Artists are financially responsible for additional travel costs in the event that they miss provided transport for whatever reason. (e.g Cruise Ship, Tour Bus). 

4.5 In the event of force majeure, (such as recent COVID-19), meaning the tour is unable to proceed, WPG will not be held liable for loss of tour fees through a third party decision to terminate their service. (e.g. Hotel, Cruise Ship insolvency).