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Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)
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Welcome to the globe's only fully funded professional development training platform...That's right  ZERO tour fees. Your chance to grow as a musician and learn from the most experienced percussionists the world has to offer!

The past 12 months have been a learning curve for everybody and have challenged us to evolve tremendously. WPG maintains its core values and endevours to continue providing a professional development network for some of the world's finest up and coming talent. The project thrives on creating initiatives to further enhance artistic development and facilitates real life musical experiences at the very highest level.

Sadly, we were unable to offer a WPG 2021 tour due to international travel restrictions, however, we have developed a program that will truly shine as a beacon of excellence amongst the percussion community. 

WPG has represented artists from 22 Countries to date and through its wide scope of connections has been able to establish itself as a leading global entity.  Traveling with multiple artists from a host of nations is clearly a challenge at present and we have been working behind the scenes to establish what we believe will be a ground-breaking new tour, with safety being of paramount importance.

Introducing WPG 2021 V-Tour!

Traveling the world with a group of this nature presents clear challenges, however, we are bringing the globe's finest most experienced percussionists into the heart of the WPG platform!  If you are a solo percussionist, chamber musician or in an established small group and want to enhance your musical cratsmanship, visibility and employability, then look no further. Our highly impressive team of coaches from over 10 Countries will leave you energised and refreshed at the end of the two-week V-Tour, enabling you to formulate a professional strategy as you embark on your own personal journey into the professional world. 

Selected artists will be invited to participate in multiple top-class masterclasses delivered by: Colin Currie, Steven Schick, Katarzyna Mycka, Svet Stoyanov, Tim Adams, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Mendi Singh, Joseph Pereira, Johan Bridger, John Wooton, Emmanuel Séjourné, Alexej Gerassimez, Pius Cheung and Tomer Yariv.

You will have the opportunity to be involved in performance showcases (pre-recorded), create and develop your own clinic concept alongside Maraca2's Jason Huxtable. These can be streamed on WPG's specially developed livestream interface through a variety of platforms with audience participation. Our marketing team will invite a host of conservatoires, universities and percussion enthusiasts to engage in your sessions. Interacting with our commercial partners over the past five years has helped facilitate an estimated 2 million video views and we hope this will continue and offer you a truly valuable experience.

Solo opportunities include the potential to record and premiere the WPG 2020 Composer-in-Residence piece written by winner Brian Blume entitled, 'uprooted' for solo percussion and electronics. The ensemble will perform a specially commissioned piece written by WPG 2020 Composer-in-Residence runner-up Alejandro Coello. This piece is a culmination of a larger scale work based on 'The Book of Revelation' and is written for 8 percussionists and media visuals. Alejandro will carefully tailor for remote recording and will be supplying click tracks, rehearsal aids and more for your ease and convenience. 

WPG 2019 Artist Chase Banks will also deliver a session on how you can maximise your output on zoom, discussing cameras & audio. He will be on hand to help you get the best from your zoom V-Tour experience.

It's not all about the music either. We will offer several themed events such as whiskey and wine tasting nights, cook-alongs, an arts management presentation given by WPG 2016 artist Shelby Blezinger-McKay and multiple panel discussions including 'Women in percussion' - a panel discussion about representation and inclusivity within the percussion industry.

All live events will be hosted via Zoom. Many events will be livestreamed and produced through our specially developed platform. Example below.

Requirements for WPG 2021 V-Tour:
  • High Speed Internet Connection.
  • Access to a modest variety of percussion instruments. (Please check permission from your school if you intend to use their facilities before you apply).
  • High quality audio recording facilities. 
  • High quality webcam or DSLR camera to partake in online sessions.

Introducing our new partner..WPG is a supporter of Lift Music Fund and aims to raise awareness for their cause. Lift Music Fund helps underrepresented students overcome the barriers, financial and otherwise to persuing a career in music. Find out more at Lift Music Fund.

Testimonials: See just how valuable WPG can be to the next generation of upcoming Percussion Artists.

Tim Palmer: WPG Artistic Director

"I am delighted to be back guiding the WPG through its next phase of development. There are really exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing our V-Tour platform with the world. More importantly, we have worked really hard to ensure that there are no barriers this year. The whole experience is fully funded and we also have scholarships for application fees should you need a little extra support."

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