The World Percussion Group

Assembling the world’s elite

Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)


Maraca2 will select a total of 18 members to form the inaugural World Percussion Group 2016 Tour. These 18 members will tour an estimated 16 universities in the USA and deliver clinics, masterclasses, lessons and performances. It is envisaged that there will be two back to back tours, each with a group of 8 ensemble members, one specially selected WPG soloist and Maraca2.

The tour will happen in Spring 2016 and is between the months of February - April 2016. The repertoire selected for the WPG will be prepared by Maraca2 and will comprise of new works, arrangements and existing large scale works. The group will convene prior to the tour for an estimated one week training course. The rehearsal venue will be located in the USA where participants will prepare the final showcase concert and work alongside Maraca2 to structure an effective clinic, which they will present on the tour.

Each WPG member will also present their own clinic at the training camp, which will be recorded and posted on the official WPG website. These videos will be accessible to all percussionists applying for the World Percussion Group.

The soloist selected for each leg of the tour will also have the option to deliver a solo clinic or solo recital and will perform as soloist with the World Percussion Group.

Maraca2 would like to thank the Percussive Arts Society for becoming corporate partners with the WPG as well as our sponsors: Innovative Percussion, REMO Drumheads, Marimba One, Sabian Cymbals, Tapspace Publications and the Pearl Drum Corporation.