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Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)

What to Expect from WPG 2023

What to Expect from your WPG 2023 V-Tour Experience:

WPG 2021 provided us with a fantastic opportunity to evolve the WPG platform with both artistic development and cultural sharing at the heart of the experience. A two-week long period in October 2021 provided our 11 selected artists with the opportunity to work alongside some of the globes finest most experienced players. Daily masterclass sessions included Dame Evelyn Glennie, Colin Currie, Joseph Pereira, Svet Stoyanov, Tim Adams, Tomer Yariv, Steven Schick, John Wooton, Johan Bridger, Pius Cheung, Alexej Gerassimez, Katarzyna Mycka, Mendi Singh and Emmanuel Sejourne. Our specially designed web portal allowed for smooth facilitation of these events. (See examples below). 

Masterclass Footage from WPG V-Tour 2021:

Steven Schick Masterclass V-Tour 2021

Tomer Yariv Masterclass V-Tour 2021

Colin Currie Masterclass V-Tour 2021

Joseph Pereira Masterclass V-Tour 2021

Isaac Harari - WPG 2021 Artist:

"The World Percussion Group V-Tour gave me a range of insights into musicality and playing which I wouldn’t expect to receive over half a year, let alone a few weeks. The roster of coaches is as varied as it gets, and you’ll be able to seek answers to almost any percussion-related questions or doubts you may have, from experts in that particular field. There is ample opportunity for artists to receive personalised advice from their preferred coaches - no one ends up fighting for lesson time. The feedback I received made me alter a lot within my music-making, from my marimba technique to my arranging.

The coaches aren’t the only sources of inspiration on the course, however. I found myself taking notes while watching the other artists perform, aside from being a little bit awestruck! Whoever you find yourself playing alongside, you can be sure that many of them will be leaders in our field in a few years, and I personally found the privilege of being included in the group to be incredibly motivating. WPG’s concerts reach a wide, global audience, and are a great springboard for showing your playing to as many eyes and ears as possible, both within the percussion community and outside of it. I’d highly recommend giving it a shot!"

Performances & Premieres:

In addition to the intensive two-week masterclass schedule, the artists also had plenty of opportunity to showcase their talents both as soloists and in mulitple virtual performances. In some cases, artists were also able to work on smaller ensembles in person where artists were in close proximity with one another. Several premieres were presented and this made for a truly well rounded, diverse set of 4 hour long feature length performances via Youtube and Facebook. Below are some of the many projects WPG 2021 produced. 

Danzas Argentinas Mvt. 3 - Alberto Ginastera 

Danzas Argentinas by Alberto Ginastera was arranged by WPG 2021 artists Nozomi Hiwatashi (Japan) and Grzegorz Chwalinski (Poland) at the request of WPG. The piece features the 3rd movement of a group of three. Energetic in nature, the arrangemkent allowed for a polished synergy between the group, displaying both virtuosity and musicality. A real crowd-pleaser, this arrangement was rehearsed in person in Germany and was showcased as an encore for the final Concert of WPG 2021.

Koolish Zein - John Psathas

Koolish Zein (Her Alchemy) was our first virtual percussion project. Prepared and performed by Jose Uzcategui (Venezuela), Fillip Korosec (Slovenia), Nozomi Hiwatashi (Japan), Toril Azzalini Machecler (UK) and Grzegorz Chwalniski. John Psathas' trilogy provided a perfect opportunity to work in conjunction with a supported audio track. Featuring soloist Jose Uzcategui, the piece offers a perfect opportunity to showcase an array of percussive disciplines in this holistically breathtaking spectacle.

Marimba Spiritual II - Minoru Miki

Balagan Duo from Israel surely packed a punch in this rendition of Marimba Spiritual! An excellent blend of musical virtuosity, synchronised choreography which is second to none and a sheer powerful presence allowed for a highly successful fireworks display of percussive brilliance! This piece was rehearsed in Israel allowing for both artists to fully prepare prior to WPG.

Rooted - Brian Blume

Surreal Moods - Attila Szilvási

The New Beginning - Alejandro Coello

Udacrep Akubrad - Avner Dorman

Sylvan Fantasy - Jack Ledger-Dowse