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The World Percussion Group

Assembling the world’s elite
Hitting your local percussion community

Directed by Maraca2
  • How many members of the World Percussion Group will be selected?
    There will be 12 members of the WPG selected for WPG 2017. This includes one soloist and one principal. 

  • I am from outside the USA and Europe. Does this mean I can still apply for WPG?
    YES! We only ask that you check if you are eligible to travel within the European Union. All artists are responsible for researching their eligibility to travel in Europe.

  • I am from China. How will this affect my application?
    Maraca2 recognise that social media and internet is somewhat restricted in some countries. For this reason, we have an agent in China (Bahui International) who will collect DVD auditions and send them to Maraca2. Bahui will handle all mainland China applications. http://www.marimbaone.cn

  • If I am selected for the WPG, when do I have to pay my course and tour fee and how much is it?
    All course fees are due in full by Monday 6th February 2017. Soloists and Principal members will be on a full scholarship. The 2017 course fee is $2500 which includes accommodation, travel and food. Artists are also financially responsible for getting themselves to the training camp and from the final destination.

  • If I am on a scholarship, will I still be financially responsible for getting myself to and from the training camp?
    Yes. You will need to pay for your flights to the training camp and flights back to your place of residence from the last destination on the tour.

  • When will I be able to apply and download the audition pack to join the WPG?
    You will be able to apply around August 2016, when you can log on to our website, apply online and fill in your details. You will then be able to download the audition materials (if you are applying as an ensemble member) and submit your final video.

  • How long will the 2017 Tour last?
    The tour dates are currently May 27th 2017 to June 18th 2017.

  • Are there any benefits to those unsuccessful in the application process?
    Absolutely! We are keen to make this a valuable experience for all applicants and will record all clinics, solo recitals and the final concert. All applicants will have access to these HD videos on our website. In addition all applicants will receive a written report and feedback given by Maraca2. You can also access all media collected from WPG 2016!

  • Am I able to apply as both a soloist and ensemble player?
    Yes. It is possible to apply online for both positions. There will be a discount on the total fee payable for multiple applications.

  • How many Scholarships will be offered?
    There will be a total of 2 scholarships offered by Maraca2. 1 Principal and 1 Soloist.

  • As a WPG ensemble member I may be expected to deliver a clinic. What is the target audience of these clinics?
    Yes, this is also correct. Your clinic proposal can be directed towards university level. The topic is totally free choice and open to the unique specialisms of the artists themselves.